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In The News 03-28-2014

Sprint Adds LTE To 20 New Markets

Sprint has added LTE (also known as 4G) service to 20 areas bringing the total number of markets covered to 402.  The company is working hard to catch up with Verizon and AT & T. Those companies each cover around 300 million people with LTE service. 

Sprint’s goal is to offer LTE to around 250 million customers by the summer.   As a friend of mine said, “Now I won’t feel like I have a dial-up iPhone.”

If you compare 4G LTE to 3G, the differences are significant. The peak download rate for 3G is 100 Mbps, while for 4G you’re looking at a max of 1 Gbps. For data-heavy activities such as video streaming, the difference is substantial.

 Microsoft Hopes $100 Gift Card Will Encourage You To Ditch XP

Microsoft is trying to dangle the carrot of a $100 gift card in front of XP holdouts. They are offering XP users who purchase selected PCs from the Microsoft store a $100 gift card, 90 days of free support and free data transfer of their important files.  The offer is good on a selection of 4 laptops, 4 tablets, 4 all-in-ones and 4 tablet/PC hybrids.

Prices start at $279 for an Asus laptop or $229 for a Dell Venue Pro Tablet. The offer runs through April 30, 2014.

Kid Friendly YouTube Site In The Works

Reports say that YouTube is hard at work on a kid-friendly version of the popular video site aimed at children under 10. The site would feature strictly G-rated content and have a set of parental control that let grownups decide the content for the kiddies.

The service already has channels designed specifically for kids. You can also activate a Safety Mode on the site to keep children away from certain content. But it looks like an entirely separate app is planned for children.

 ~ Cynthia