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In The News 05-18-2012

In The News 05-18-2012
Your Weekly Update In The World Of Technology


Kiss Your Unlimited Data Goodbye

Do you currently have an unlimited data plan through Verizon?  Well, that most likely won’t be the case anymore the next time you upgrade.  Verizon Wireless is planning on forcing customers into tiered data plans when they upgrade next.  This will also be followed up with a plan to create “data shares” over a plan. Shared data will be accessible to all devices on a single account.

Up until now Verizon has allowed unlimited data users to keep their plan when they upgrade to a new phone.  This was a big deal since they stopped offering new unlimited data plans nearly a year ago.  This will come as a big shock to so-called “power users” that take full advantage of unlimited data.  The previous unlimited plan cost $30 per month.  The existing tiered plans only allow 2 GB a month of data for the exact same price.  There’s no word yet what the pricing will be on shared data plans, but Verizon is starting to realize the demand and usage for data is increasing, especially with more and more devices using 4G-LTE.

Currently Sprint is the only national carrier that allows its new customers to have an unlimited data plan.


Facebook Thinks You’re Worth $1.21

How much does Facebook think you’re worth to them?  Well, in purely financial terms, only a buck twenty-one.  This number is based on Facebook’s sales of over $1 billion per quarter (three months) and its 900 million users. 

Compared to other tech and communications companies, that number is extremely low.  Companies such as Verizon Wireless ($160.98/quarter), AT&T ($507.00/quarter, and Comcast ($430.20/quarter) each bring in well over $100 per customer in a quarter.   The big difference here is that Facebook makes money off its users via advertising, while the previously mentioned companies offer direct services we pay for.

It could be worse, however.  Microsoft?  You’re only worth $0.81.  Twitter? $0.74.  Think about that next time you fire up your Windows PC or send that tweet.