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In The News 06-01-2012

In The News 06-01-2012
Your Weekly Update In The World Of Technology

 Samsung Galaxy S III

That’s A Big Phone

Samsung’s new phone, the Galaxy S III, went on sale earlier this week.  The flagship Android smartphone was released in 28 countries, but that currently does not include the US.  The device is also big.  How big? 4.8″ touchscreen big.

The Galaxy S III also boasts some other notable features, including two cameras.  The front-facing camera is only 1.9-megapixel but the rear-facing camera comes in at 8 megapixels.  The S III also includes Ice Cream Sandwich, Android’s latest version.  Probably the most interesting feature is a sensor that is able to track your eye movement which prevents the phone from going dark while you’re looking at it.  Creepy?  I’d like to think so, I mean, a phone is watching you watch it.

While not yet available through US carriers, rumors have the Galaxy S III’s US release slated for July.  Or you could just fork out $799 and get the phone without a carrier and subsidized price… your choice.


A Better Amercia

Yes, Amercia.  That’s no typo.  Well, actually it is, and it goes to show that the Internet does not easily forget.

The digital team of presidential hopeful Mitt Romney introduced an app titled “With Mitt” this past week.  Initially the app didn’t catch much attention, but by Tuesday night news of the app was all over the Internet.  The app, which allows users to take photos and overlay them with various campaign slogans, had an unfortunate typo.  One overlay displayed text as “A Better Amercia”.  From trending on Twitter to even a new Tumblr blog dedicated to the typo, a new Internet meme was born.  Even in a time as serious as a presidential election, this just goes to show we all make mistakes and can even laugh at ourselves for it.