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In The News 06-08-2012

In The News 06-08-2012
Your Weekly Update In The World Of Technology

 Xbox SmartGlass

There Was Some Expo In LA…

This week marked the 2012 edition of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or more popularly known as E3.  Typically the expo focuses on video game entertainment, and this year was no exception, but 2012 had some bigger news that went beyond just video games.

Microsoft, the maker of the popular gaming console Xbox, unveiled something called Xbox SmartGlass this year.  SmartGlass (which is not glass, and is in a battle with Netflix’s Qwikster idea for dumbest name of all time) is actually an app that will help to integrate the Windows 8 operating system on PCs and mobile devices to a users Xbox and TV.  It will even work with Android and iOS devices, just as long as the PC you’re using has Windows 8.

The Xbox already offers a variety of entertainment options beyond video games, including ESPN3, Netflix, and social network integration.  SmartGlass takes it even further by allowing everything to be pulled into one app and shared across all devices.

SmartGlass is expected to be available this fall, the same time Windows 8’s release date should be, and cost nothing.  The only thing needed will be the necessary compatible hardware.


New Twitter Logo

Twitter’s Facelift

What do you get when you shave your head and rotate 10 degrees upward?  Twitter’s new logo.  The social networking company revealed this past Wednesday a more simplified look to its famous “Twitter bird” logo.  They are also removing the common lowercase “t” in their logos.

The logo still features a bird, but this bird has the tuft of feathers found on the head of the old one removed.  The bird is also slightly slimmer as well as being rotated upwards, giving a more “soaring” look.  The blue being used is also a shade or two darker.

Twitter stated in a post that the bird was “crafted purely from three sets of overlapping circles — similar to how your networks, interests, and ideas connect and intersect with peers and friends.”