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In The News 06-13-14

Flickr Ends Facebook, Google Logins

Photo sharing service Flickr is part of Yahoo and the company is stressing that point by ending Facebook and Google logins for the service. Users will now need a Yahoo login to access their photos.  That means if you don’t already have a Yahoo account, you’ll need to create one.

Why are they doing it? Because your data is valuable and that’s what supports “free” services like Flickr. Yahoo will know a lot more about your online movements if you have an account and they’d rather make use of the information for themselves instead of letting rivals like Google or Facebook cash in.

Patches Available For Linux Security Flaw

Patches are now available for what experts are calling a “moderately serious” issue that effects Linux Ubuntu, Debian and some Red Hat operating systems.  The flaw could be exploited and allow someone to launch a denial of service attack or gain privileges to a system and even crash it. 

The flaw has been there for awhile, it came about as the result of changes made in 2009, but has only recently been discovered. Ubuntu patch details are here. [1]  You can find
 information about the patches for other systems by going to their websites.

Pandora Rules The Streaming Market

When it comes to streaming music services, Pandora is clearly the leader of the pack in the U.S.  According to a survey by Statista, 31% of people reported listening to Pandora  in the previous month.  Their closest competitor was iHeartRadio at 9%.


iTunes may me the king of music downloads, but iTunes Radio has an 8% share of the streaming market followed by Spotify at 6%. Google may dominate other areas online, but Google Play All Access only had 3% of the streaming market. Rhapsody, Slacker & TuneIn Radio are tied at 2% each.

~ Cynthia