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In The News 06-22-2012

In The News 06-22-2012
Your Weekly Update In The World Of Technology


Microsoft Flexes Its Muscles

Microsoft made some huge announcements this week, both of which involved mobile devices that could be the top challengers to Apple’s iOS empire.

1.) Microsoft Surface – Microsoft Surface is a PC tablet that will run Windows 8.  In fact, this is the first commercial PC device that Microsoft has directly designed and sold.  The tablet comes in at a measurement of 10.6″ with front and rear-facing cameras.  The tablet itself is 9.3 millimeters thick and weights 1.5 lbs.  One big feature of the Surface is a cover that flips to become a keyboard, as well as a built-in kickstand.  Prices have yet to be released, but the Surface will come in two flavors: the more tablet-like priced Windows RT, and the higher-end ultrabook-like priced version that will come with a full version of Windows 8.  We’ll have even more details in future articles.

2.) Windows Phone 8 Apollo – Microsoft also announced updates to its mobile OS.  These updates include a new Start Screen, a better Internet Explorer 10, and hardware upgrades such as multi-core processors and memory card support.  The processors will be dual-core processors and the phones will include a microSD card expansion slot.



It’s… It’s…. BEAUTIFUL!

Say this with me now — the biggest. TV. In the world.

That’s what Sharp is boasting now with its Sharp Aquos LED TV.  It may not actually be the biggest in the world — there are some plasma screens that are larger — but the Aquos LED TV may be the biggest LED TV out there.  The new TV was unveiled on Tuesday and boasts dimensions of 4 feet tall and 6 feet, 8 inches in diameter.  By comparison, the average height of a basketball player in the NBA is only 6 feet, 7 inches.  (Oh boy, I really want to watch sports on this thing now)

Despite its enormous size, the Aquos weighs in at only 141 pounds.  On top of that it is only 5 inches thick.  The price tag for this little (big) slice of entertainment heaven?  Only $10,999.99.  On second thought, I think I can buy NBA season tickets for less than that…