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In The News 07-04-14

Barnes & Noble To Split Off Nook Business

Barnes & Noble has changed its mind once again about its Nook division. Last year it said it planned to sell the operation, but then seemed to changed its mind and even partnered with Samsung to come up with a new Nook.

Now the company says it will separate the retail book selling business from the Nook operations. In a statement, the company said it hopes to complete the separation in the first three months of 2015.

Verizon Cuts Off Free Data To Chromebook Pixel Buyers

Buyers who forked out almost 1500 for the high-end Chromebook Pixel with 4G LTE were promised three years of a free Verizon data plan.

But users are reporting that their free data from Verizon had been cut off without warning. This is especially important for Chromebook users, since the device is designed to be used as an Internet appliance and requires a high-speed data connection to be fully functional. According to Computerworld, Google will offer a $150 Visa gift card to users who were shortchanged on their data plan.

Supreme Court Sides With Broadcasters

The United States Supreme Court has sided with broadcasters in their case against Aereo. Aereo is a service that allowed subscribers to stream over-the-air broadcast signals to their streaming boxes, mobile devices and computer. The company picked up the signal with warehouses full of antennas and passed it on to subscribers. Users can either watch live or record programing.

Aereo argued that since the signal was free over the air, they were simply renting antennas to people. ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX said that was ridiculous and that the company was violating their copyrights and essentially selling their broadcasts without paying for it.

In a 6-3 vote, the court agreed that Aereo was stealing programming.  The dissenting option written by Justice Scalia pointed out that the court came within one vote of declaring VCRs unlawful 30 years ago and suggested that the ruling against Aereo would stifle technological innovation.

 ~ Cynthia