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In The News 07-27-2012

In The News 07-27-2012
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Say Hello To Mountain Lion

Apple released its latest version of OS X, named Mountain Lion, earlier this week.  Mountain Lion boasts a lot of new features and is attempting to help bridge the gap between desktop Macs and Apple’s mobile devices.

Mountain Lion features include better iCloud integration.  iCloud allows Apple device users to save and backup documents, images, and more in the “cloud” and helps to sync them up across multiple devices.  Another big change is the addition of Messages.  Messages essentially replaces iChat and again helps to keep your messages in order across devices using iOS’s iMessage.  Messages works with existing IM platforms such as AIM and Yahoo Messenger, but message syncing will only work with OS and iOS devices.

Mountain Lion also boasts integration with social networking apps such as Twitter and Facebook.  Posting tweets and status updates can be done with a single click, while the apps also notify you about comments, retweets, etc.  Twitter is ready to go, while the Facebook integration won’t be in full effect until the fall.


 Want Button

I Like Want That

Any Facebook user is familiar with the “Like” button.  “Oh, that’s a funny status!”  Like.  “I love that band, they’re my favorite.”  Like.   Now it looks as if the Like button is about to accept a friend request from something new:  the “Want” button.

Reports are currently being released that say Facebook is working on creating the new Want button.  It will allow users to share with their friends various things they may “want”, simply by clicking on a button.  Now you can let your entire social world know that you want that 25lb bag of breakfast cereal (I want a 25lb bag of breakfast cereal).

The Want button will go beyond just being a Like button for coveted items, however.  In fact, it will be a genius marketing tool for Facebook.  Facebook will collect the data of which items a user wants and will potentially use that information for more targeted marketing, such as the ads you currently see on the side.  It seems as if Facebook is trying to blaze a new trail with its use of social commerce.