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In The News 08-01-14

Did Sony Forget To Pay The Bill?

Multiple Sony game sites were shut down because the entertainment giant apparently forgot to pay the bill for the domain names for some of their websites. Sony Online Entertainment sites were having issues that affected players of games like Everquest.

Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley said the company just forgot to pay its website bills. He said the invoices got caught in a junk folder after the person who usually handled it at the company left and his replacement didn’t notice that the bill never arrived. On Twitter he wrote, “Simple as that. Embarrassing as that. We screwed up.”

Disconnecting Comacast Turns Into A Customer Service Nightmare

Trying to get rid of his ISP turned into a nightmare for Comcast Customer Ryan Block. He recorded a conversation where a Comcast Customer Service rep turned borderline abusive when Block tried to shut off the cable. Block recorded the conversation and posted it online, you can listen to the whole thing here. [1]

The rep keeps pressing for reasons for the disconnection and demands to know why Block would want to cut off the “number one-rated Internet service in the country.” and demanding “Why is it that you don’t want the faster speed?” It ends up taking close to 20 minutes for the customer to get a confirmation that his service would be turned off.

The company later apologized saying that this was not how representatives were trained. Now is probably not the best time for bad publicity for Comcast, as they’re trying to get government approval for their purchase of Time Warner.

 IBM & Apple Work Together To Make iPads Better For Business

IBM & Apple have signed an agreement to work together to bring IBM’s business know-how to the iPad. They’ll work together to develop a new class of apps that are designed specifically for business use on iOS devices.

Plus they’ll work on AppleCare plans that specifically designed for business use. IBM can be a great help to Apple in marketing their devices to businesses. iPads are hugely popular with the tablet-buying public, but haven’t not made the same splash in the business world.

~ Cynthia