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In The News 08-31-2012

In The News 08-31-2012
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Samsung VS. Apple

A federal jury handed down a verdict last Friday recommending that Samsung pay Apple over $1 billion in damages.  The jury stated that Samsung was guilty of “willful” patent violations on numerous mobile devices.  The jury also did not suggest Samsung should get any payment for its counterclaims against Apple for patent infringement.  Apple originally asked for $2.7 billion, claiming that Samsung “ripped off” the designs of the iPhone and iPad.

Apple stock also jumped $12 after the news, making it a very good day for the world’s most valuable tech company.

Samsung was upset about the verdict but not only because of the fact they may pay Apple a cool billion.  Samsung stated that the verdict would be seen “as a loss for the American consumer.”  They also said that it would lead to reduced innovation, higher prices, and reduced choices in mobile devices.

A South Korean court also handed down a decision last week stating that both companies ripped off patents off of each other.  The decision had Apple paying Samsung $35,000 and Samsung paying Apple $22,000.