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In The News 09-07-2012

In The News 09-07-2012
Your Weekly Update In The World Of Technology 

September 12

Ready For 5?

Apple announced this past Tuesday that it will be holding an event on September 12.  Most people believe this will be the event the new iPhone 5 will be announced, especially after the invitation shows the number 12 casting a shadow that looks like the number 5.  It has already been widely expected that Apple would announce the new phone in September and the event looks to confirm everyone’s suspicions.

It also looks like Apple will be sticking to its naming pattern and calling the new phone the iPhone 5.  Apple unveiled its new iPad earlier this year and decided to name it the new iPad as opposed to the iPad 3.  This had many wondering if Apple was going to do the same with the iPhone.

So what’s expected of the iPhone 5?  Many rumors have been swirling around – some almost demanded while others just wishing.  Some of the features that are widely expected are a slightly larger screen, a new dock connector, and 4G capability.  In fact, if the new phone does not have 4G capability, expect a bunch of people to be mad. On the flip side, if the phone does in fact tap into the faster network, you can probably expect record-setting sales numbers for the iPhone.