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In The News 09-21-2012

In The News 09-21-2012
Your Weekly Update In The World Of Technology 

iPhone 5

Say Hello To 5

It may be true that Apple pops up a lot in these articles, but when it comes to news in technology Apple tends to make the biggest splash!

Apple made their most recent big move earlier this month by announcing the new iPhone 5.  The mobile device boasts features such as a new 4-inch retina display screen, an updated A6 processor chip, a brand new (and smaller) dock/USB connector, and probably the most exciting feature for most consumers – 4G LTE connectivity.  The new features, especially 4G and a larger screen, help the iPhone 5 to catch up to many other smartphones on the market.  Apple consumers are fiercely loyal and will continue to buy Apple, but these new updates help to reduce some of the criticisms recent iPhones have received.

Online pre-ordering for the iPhone 5 began last week and the phone will be available in stores starting Friday (9/21/2012), guaranteeing massive lines at Apple stores nationwide.  Sales have already surpassed the projected estimates of experts, who were already bullish on the new phone.  New sales reached 2 million in the first 24 hours, more than doubling the sales numbers of the iPhone 4S in its first 24 hours.  Record numbers of pre-orders were also reached by AT&T.

Not everything is 100% for some customers, however.  Because of the new dock connector iPhone users will have to purchase a new adapter if they want to connect the 5 to existing Apple and iPhone accessories.  In case you’re wondering, the Apple version of that adapter comes in at $30 per adapter, or $39 if you want a cord attached.  Ouch.