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In the News 1-12-11

This week: Cool gadgets that are “in the news”.

A refrigerator to tweet about?

Did you ever find yourself standing at the refrigerator thinking about how much you would love to tweet someone about what you are about to eat?

I am not joking.

Samsung has come out with a refrigerator [1] that can do just that.

When asked why a consumer would have to tweet at their refrigerator, Samsung spokesman Adam Lee said, “It’s for sharing recipes.”

The fridge is not only Twitter-ready (Wi-Fi), but comes complete with a touch screen notepad (“Honey, stop and get milk on the way home from work”), speakers, an online radio (Pandora), a photo album (just in case you have already forgotten what your son looks like on the way to the refrigerator) and a calendar. It retails at $3,299.00 in the United States.

I may be wrong, but I don’t know if I’ll ever get that hungry.


How to really turn off your lights.

When you wanted to turn off your lights in the “old days”, you had to use a contraption called a “light switch”.

However, somewhere along the way someone decided that it was way…too…far…to have to lean all…the…way…over to the end table to turn the light out when he/she wanted to go to bed. That savvy person decided that it would be much better to just clap, hence the “clapper”.

Someone else decided that it was too much trouble to clap, and that they wished they could just shoot the light off. Enter BANG!

Bitplay, Inc [2]. has introduced a totally new concept in turning lights off: Shoot your lamp! You fire a gun (not real, I hope) at the lamp, the lampshade tips over, and the light goes out. Fire it again and it will turn back on and the lampshade will return to its original position.

One quick note: I am not sure if you have to register this product or not.


Bringrr on!

No, that wasn’t a typo. It’s a company named Bringrr [3] that has come up with a gadget that makes sure you don’t forget your phone.

“Just plug Bringrr into your car’s power port and pair it with your Bluetooth enabled phone. If you start your car and your phone isn’t with you, Bringrr’s alarm goes off and the light changes from blue to red, reminding you to get your phone. It’s that simple.”…Bringrr.com

Don’t forget to get a power port; set your phone’s alarm clock.


Don’t let the bedbugs bite!

The Bedbug camera.

Have you read the news in the past year about bedbugs? Worried about the increasing infestations that are occurring – well – “everywhere” and that the creepy things will get to you, too? Well, worry no more, my friends. Now there’s the Bedbug camera.

Brickhouse Security [4] has developed a camera for viewing and taking photos of bedbugs.

This camera has an adjustment wheel that zooms in on a bedbug at 300 times the normal viewing, or 10 times the normal viewing, whichever you prefer. You can snap photos of everything you see using the built-in USB microscope camera that can examine objects that the human eye can’t see. Everything (including built-in digital video) is illuminated by LED lights so that your view and your photos are super-clear.

Of course, you can use it for examining hair evidence (always necessary in everyone’s line of work) or inspecting flaws in your jewelry, but looking at bedbugs and uploading the images for your friends to see (yes, you can do that) is a lot more fun.

Don’t be surprised, though, if you have fewer people wanting to stay at your house overnight.

Hmmm. I wonder if my mother-in-law watches my Facebook page.

Have a great week!

~ Lori Cline