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In the News 1-26-11


“Thank you, but I’m not interested.”

How many times have you just sat down to dinner and had the phone ring and when you pick it up you hear, “Hi! You have just won an all-expense paid trip to somewhere-you-have-always-wanted-to-go-but-couldn’t-afford!” and just hung up? The calls are irritating, to say the least (especially since the calls always seem to come right around dinner-time).

Gail Davis, of Orpington, Kent, UK, was very polite when she received a call from Apple informing her that she had “won a $10,000 iTunes gift card”. She responded, “Thank you, but I’m not interested” and hung up.

Guess what? She should have been interested.

Turns out that it really was Apple. Her daughters, ages 14 and 17, had been downloading apps all morning and one of them (the Paper Glider [1]) was the 10 billionth app. Her daughters came running down the stairs and informed Gail that it was not a prank. She tried to call Apple back, but received no help from an operator.

“The girls were getting quite tense”, said Gail. “They never would have forgiven me. They would have held it against me for all eternity.”

Apparently the operator that Gail talked to when she first called turned out to be a help after all, because two hours later Eddy Cue, Apple’s VP of iTunes, called, and that call was followed by another phone call from one of Cue’s colleagues.

“I was hugely relieved,” says Davis. “I was getting really worried.”

In the end, Gail and her daughters did get to keep the $10,000 gift card and have all sorts of plans with what to do with the windfall.

You know, part of the reason I always hang up on the “Guess-what-you’ve won?!” phone calls is because I never win anything.

Maybe now I know why.


SurfCube: It’s all in how you see it.

The iPad. The iPod. The iPhone. Android. The Droid. Google. Apple. Am I forgetting something that we can’t get away from hearing about?

Oh, yeah. 3-D.

If you have had an overwhelming wish to have a 3D browser that’s faster than anything you’ve used before on your cell phone, Kinabalu Innovation has granted your wish (providing you have a Windows 7 smartphone).

SurfCube is the latest in smartphone innovation for the Windows 7 smartphone. SurfCube allows you to organize surfing the Internet on a virtual cube on which each face displays a page or options. It’s different than the standard browser in that everything is on a “cube”. You can access browser functions like History, Favorites, and Settings by “swiping” your finger in whichever direction you want to. SurfCube also offers a private browsing mode and a bandwidth saver to disable the display of images to speed up the display of Web pages.

I do have to note one thing, though: It’s not really a total 3-D experience. It achieves a 3-D effect while you browse in the standard 2-D mode. The 3D effect doesn’t really show in any way besides giving you easier access to certain functions.

It’s also a bit different than your standard web browser cost-wise: You have to pay $1.99 for it, while the standard smartphone browser is free.

For a brief description, more about the browser, and to download SurfCube, click here [2].


And finally, a quick word about Apple…

Apple Corporation is very obviously leading the world in technology and inventions. Products like the iPhone, the iPod and the iPad are hugely popular in the market because they are the first products with the most modern and latest features.

With that said, Apple surpassed Microsoft in 2010 to become the second largest company in the world in total market value. Exxon Mobile is number one. Apple is now worth over $300 billion and Exxon is worth around $365 billion. The way Apple is going, it makes you wonder how much longer Exxon is going to be at the top of the market.

Until next week…

~ Lori Cline