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In The News 10-28-2011

In The News 10-28-2011
Your Weekly Update In The World Of Technology

Netflix Falling Apart

Netflix Is A Sinking Ship

That’s what the numbers are telling us at least.  In the most recent quarter, Netflix has lost 800,000 U.S. subscribers to its popular movie subscription service.  This news follows up a quarter in which Netflix raised its price and renamed its movies-by-mail service to Qwikster (and changed it back again), leading to a complete PR disaster for the company.

The beginning of the losses most likely started back in July, as Netflix announced they would separate their movies-by-mail and online streaming services.  Due to each service having its own price, the total amount a customer would have to pay for both would be, at the lowest, $16.  The previous amount before the separation was only $10.  Then in September, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announced the renaming of the movies-by-mail service to Qwikster.  After public backlash over the idea of needing two separate accounts Netflix decided to reverse their decision and cancel the idea of Qwikster.

The DVDs by mail service is seeming to be on the decline with online video streaming being in higher demand.  Added to an increase in competitors with streaming video options, could this mark the steady decline of Netflix as we know it?


iPad Security

Apple Smart Cover – Not So Smart After All?

Your iPad 2 is vulnerable.  Enabled the passcode protection feature in iOS 5?  Nope, still vulnerable.  A recent security flaw was recently discovered in the iPad 2 and all the potential perpetrator needs is an Apple Smart Cover.  After a series of quick tricks with the cover and the power button, anyone can bypass the screen requiring you to enter the correct passcode – and straight to the home screen.  At the moment this issue is confirmed on devices with iOS 5 as well as unconfirmed reports of version 4.3 being vulnerable as well.

It is assumed that Apple will issue a fix in the next iOS update.  Until then, 9to5 Mac states the best temporary solution is to disable the Smart Cover locking function found in the Settings app.


Duct Tape

Apparently Duct Tape Isn’t A Fix-All

Sure, duct tape can be used to patch up many things, but most people hope the plane they are riding isn’t patched up with the popular silver-backed adhesive.  However, that happened to be the case for 200 passengers on a Ryanair flight.  The plane was forced to make a U-turn mid-flight and go back to the airport after the pilot’s window came loose.  Turns out the pilot’s window was also patched up with duct tape.  According to the Irish Aviation Authority the tape was merely there to secure a window seal as a precautionary measure.  Maybe it’s just me, but I’d rather the windows on my plane not rely on duct tape as a precaution.