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In The News 11-02-2012

In The News 11-02-2012
Your Weekly Update In The World Of Technology 

 Google Nexus

More Tablet News!?

We’ve already shared with you news of the new Microsoft Surface Tablet, which boasts a scaled-down version of Windows 8 called Windows RT, the new iPad Mini, and the updated iPad this month.  Looks like the month of October wasn’t finished with tablets, however.  

Google announced a new tablet, as well as a new phone and Android operating system, this past Monday.   The new items follow along in Google’s “Nexus” line and include a brand new 10-inch tablet to go along with its existing 7-inch model.  The new 10-inch tablet, now named the Nexus 10, is claimed to have a 300 pixels per inch resolution.  That would make the resolution greater than Apple’s Retina display which is said to have 264 pixels per inch.  Key features of the new Nexus 10 include multiple user accounts, 16GB ($399) and 32GB ($499) models, a 9-hour battery life, and the most recent version of the Android operating system.

Google also updated its existing Nexus 7 tablet.  A new 32GB model was announced and will be sold for $299.  The 16GB model, which was originally $249, was dropped to $199.  This new price tag makes it comparable to the 16GB model of the Kindle Fire HD, a 7-inch tablet that also boasts a $199 price.

The new Nexus devices will be available in stores by mid-November.


 Superstorm Sandy

Coming Together When It Matters Most

Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy hammered the US east coast earlier this week, causing unspeakable damage and drastically hindering communication.  According to some sources, as much as 25% of all cell service was knocked out along Sandy’s path.

Seeing the need to help others, wireless providers AT&T and T-Mobile put aside their competitive differences and decided to work together.  The two wireless providers have decided to merge networks in the days following the devastating storm.  When a customer using either of the two providers dials out, they will be routed to the nearest source of service, regardless of it being an AT&T tower or a T-Mobile tower.  This cooperation comes at a time when communication across the Northeast, and especially in New York and New Jersey, is becoming extremely difficult.

There is currently no word on how long the combined networks will last.