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In The News 11-16-2012

In The News 11-16-2012
Your Weekly Update In The World Of Technology 

Google Fiber

That’s Fast.

Google Fiber is finally here.  What is Google Fiber, you ask?  Earlier this week Google launched a fiber network offering internet speeds of up to 1 Gbps in Kansas City, Kansas.  On top of that, they’re offering the new high speed for only $70 a month.  Both the speed and price tag beat out most traditional Internet Service Providers.

While the new internet speeds will not consistently run at 1 Gbps, many early users of Google Fiber are claiming constant speeds of around 600 to 700 Mbps over Ethernet and around 200 Mbps over a Wi-Fi connection.

Google Fiber is also providing more than just its super-speed internet connection.  Don’t want to pay $70 a month?  Kansas City residents have the option of getting a 5 Mbps internet connection for free (that’s $0).  Of course, they have to pay around $300 for an installation fee, but that guarantees the ability to get the free internet for seven years.  Google Fiber also has the option of adding a cable subscription for $50 more.  The catch?  The TV package is missing ESPN (I quit), TNT, and HBO.

It seems that people are liking Google Fiber in Kansas City so far.  The question is, when will it come to your city?



Here’s an interesting bit of news for you. For the first time ever, the amount of texting in the United States has gone down.  Over the last quarter the average number of monthly texts sent has decreased to 675 per customer.  The quarter before that showed an average amount of 700 per customer.

The reason for declining text messages can mostly likely be attributed to the rise in internet-connected devices. Instead of just texting, phones allow us to communicate and send messages in many different ways beyond the simple text message.  In fact, nearly half of all phones in use in the US now are smartphones.  This means that instead of using potentially expensive texting plans, people are sending messages over apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Google Voice, and more.  Apple’s iMessage and Research In Motion’s Blackberry Messenger are also directly built into their devices and can send messages over data plans instead of a texting plan.

There’s also this: the cost of a single text message is usually 20 cents.  At 160 bytes per message, the total cost of sending 1 MB worth of data would end up being $1,250!

And you thought your data plan was overpriced…