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In The News 11-22-2013

Facebook Edits Privacy Language After Backlash

Facebook has made a change to the language of its privacy policy regarding teen users after a public backlash. The previous policy seemed to assume that all kids using Facebook had discussed the terms of use on the site and its implications with their parents.

In a blog post, Chief Privacy Officer Erin Egan thanked people for their feedback and said the company had made “clarifying edits” to the policy.¬† She also assured people that nothing about that update had changed their advertising policies and practices and encouraged parents to become familiar with the site’s privacy policies and discuss them with their children.

PlayStation 4 Off To a Big Start

Sony’s PlayStation 4 started off with a bang, selling more than 1 million units in just a day. Fans lined up on Friday night to buy the unit. Though there have been some complaints of malfunctioning units.

Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House said, “Sales remain very strong in North America, and we expect continued enthusiasm as we launch the PlayStation 4 in Europe and Latin America on November 29.”

Microsoft, whose Xbox One launches Friday, responded in an unexpectedly pleasant manner by Tweeting “Congratulations on your launch, Sony.”

 Google Vows To Crack Down On Child Porn

Google chief Eric Schmidt outlined what the company is doing to help stop child pornography. In an article published in the Daily Mail, he said that the company had fined tuned Google Search to prevent links to such material from appearing in results and that they are rolling out these changes to 150 languages. They will also issue warning to people making certain search queries, explaining that these images are illegal and directing them where to find help.

Illegal images will be given a unique digital fingerprint, enabling computers to identify those photos. He also credited Microsoft with helping develop and share the picture detection tech.

~ Cynthia