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In The News 11-23-2012

In The News 11-23-2012
Your Weekly Update In The World Of Technology 

 Facebook Security

Slowing Down And Beefing Up

Facebook may be slowing down soon, but for good reason.  The world’s number one social network announced in a blog post recently that it plans to move all North American users to a more secure connection.  The catch?  This more secure connection has a tendency to be slower.

The move would be to an HTTPS connection, as opposed to HTTP.  Most retail sites, WorldStart included, use the HTTPS connection whenever users are about to enter information such as passwords or credit card information.  The S in HTTPS actually stands for “secure.”   As information is passed back and forth between you and Facebook’s servers, being on a secure connection ensures that your information is safer and less likely to be intercepted by someone else.  HTTPS is currently an option on Facebook but the new change would make it the default setting.

With more and more users putting information on social networking sites, information that in many cases should be secure, the need for a more secure connection as at an all time high.  Facebook users will still be able to opt out of the change if they’re more concerned about a faster connection than keeping their information secure.  Want to know if you’re currently using HTTP or HTTPS?  Just take a look at your address bar and see which one it says at the beginning of the URL!

Apple Page Turn

You Can Patent That?

Oh, the things you can patent.  Earlier this week Apple announced that it had a patent approved for “Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface.”  In other words: virtual page turning.

An illustration for the patent, shown above, shows three stages of the virtual page turn.  The stages include slightly turned, halfway turned, and fully turned.  The feature is already included in Apple’s iBooks app and is also included in 38 total patents that Apple landed this week.

This could open up a whole new wave of patent lawsuits, something that Apple is no stranger to.  Most recently Apple won a lawsuit against Samsung and was awarded $1 billion.  This was due to disputes and similarities between Apple’s iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1.