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In The News 12-14-2012

In The news 12-14-2012
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Google Maps

An Old Friend Returns

Ladies and gentlemen… it’s back.  By “it”, I’m referring to Google Maps’ return to Apple’s iOS devices this past Wednesday.  Apple ditched Google’s map app back in September and opted to use its own mapping app.  Unfortunately this move brought on a lot of criticism, especially since Apple’s mapping app was less than amazing.  Much less.

The reintroduction of Google Maps has a lot of iOS users excited and has given Google a chance to boast some upgraded and new features.  The app features turn-by-turn navigation, public transportation directions, and live traffic information.  These features were either missing or severely lacking on Apple’s mapping app.  According to Daniel Graf, director of mobile Google Maps, the app has “detailed information for more than 80 million businesses and points of interest.”

This Google Maps app is actually new to iOS devices.  The previous version of Google Maps was actually an app designed by Apple but was using Google Maps data.  The app was also pre-loaded on to Apple’s devices.

Welcome back, old friend.