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In The News: 12-20-2013

Man Claims Google’s Autocomplete Cost Him His Job

Jeffry Kantor is furious because he says Google’s Autocomple function cost his a job. He says he was searching for information on how to build a radio controlled airplane and the search engine’s auto complete changed it to “how to build a radio controlled bomb.”

Kantor worked for a defense contractor and he says government investigators paid him a visit. Kantor was  also fired from his job at Appian. He’s filed a lawsuit against the Attorney General, the director the NSA, the Secretary of Defense and the CIA Director.  He wants nearly $60 million in damages.

Gmail Will Now Automatically Display Images

In the past, Gmail has always asked before displaying images in emails in order to protect users from unknown senders. But the company says thanks to improvements in the way it handles images, users will soon see all images automatically displayed in Gmail messages on computers and mobile devices.

Users who don’t wish to see images automatically can change their settings back to “Ask before displaying external content.”

Apple Users Complain About Mavericks Syncing

Changes in the way contacts are synced with OS X 10.9 Mavericks have some Apples users complaining about privacy concerns. With Mavericks, there is no longer a choice to manually sync contacts between Macs and other iOS devices. Those contacts now have to be stored in the iCloud. You can’t remove those contacts unless you cancel the account.

 ~ Cynthia