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In The News 12-27-2012

In The News 12-27-2012
Your Weekly Update In The World Of Technology 

 Facebook Messages

Got A Buck?

It looks like Facebook is making some changes to its messaging system, and it could cost people to use some new features.  “Pay Facebook!?  That’s outrageous!  It’s supposed to be free!” you say?  Well you would be right and luckily the new changes are not going to affect a majority of Facebook’s users.

Currently your Facebook inbox separates messages into those it sees as important and less-important.  The less important messages usually contain spam and messages from users outside of your network.  Facebook announced earlier this week that it’s testing a solution so people can avoid their messages going to the “less important” part of the inbox.  The solution?  Pay a buck, get your message sent (with importance) to someone outside of your network.

Facebook is hoping this move will help to cut down on spam, while at the same time making it easier for important messages from outside of your network to reach you.  Currently the tests are being performed for US Facebook users only and companies are currently unable to use the feature.


RIM Stock

That Company Still Exists?

It’s the smartphone company that causes us to raise our eyebrows every time we hear it still exists:  Research In Motion (RIM).  RIM is better known as the company that manufactures BlackBerry devices.  Unfortunately RIM’s present is looking bleaker than ever now.

The revenue for the smartphone company dropped 47% in the last quarter (down to $2.7 billion).  It also shipped only 6.9 million BlackBerry devices, compared to 7.4 million from a year ago.  To top it all off, RIM’s shares dropped a substantial 23% earlier this week.

Research In Motion is optimistic about next quarter and its future, especially with the release of the BlackBerry 10 devices scheduled for the end of January.  However, with the continuing financial decline over the last couple of years, it’s hard to imagine RIM, and BlackBerry devices overall, sticking around too much longer.