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In the News 3-16-11


The LOVE Detector

Nemesysco [1], Inc. (based in Israel) is the leading provider of voice analysis technologies and has invented and patented a technology called Layered Voice Analysis (LVA), which is also known as “Sense Technology”. The Israelis use the technology mostly for security, fraud, etc. It has licensed the Sense Technology to an American company, V-Entertainment, which has used it to create The LOVE Detector [2]

The LOVE Detector team claims that it can detect romantic attraction with 96% accuracy and can pull up tons of study results to prove their claim.

You can download The Love Detector software for your computer (it can be hooked up to your phone) or turn your portable PDA into a kind of love meter. Leave it in your jacket pocket or sitting on the table and then read the results (it’s recommended that you read the results to yourself). Talk to a person and the results appear at the end of the conversation. It shows the “Love Level” and gives you a number from -10 all the way up to 50. Negative ten is “absolutely not interested” and 50 is “Wow, Red Hot!”

Here’s another way to find out whether you have met a significant other. V-Entertainment offers a cellular phone service called “Mad-Love” where you can call their operator, log into their system, and then make a three-way call to test your romantic interest. At the end of the call the operator will tell you the results.

“It is a time saving device because you don’t have to mess around with people who are not really interested in you,” adds Nicole Graham, spokesperson for V-Entertainment. “It is a good way to sort of give yourself the one up. We like to look at this technology as an added edge in deciphering the dating game.” V-Entertainment is hoping that the Love Detector will take all the guess work out of romance and turn love into risk free science.

Should you decide that you want a Love Detector, you can order either the PC Software or Pocket PC version on the web. The PC software will cost you $50.00 and the Pocket PC is $20.00. (USD)

The company wants to put a ‘lie detector’ and an ’emotion detector’ Sense Technology into a whole host of new products. “You can put this technology into anything and make it better,” says Nicole. For instance, with Sense Technology installed in a refrigerator, dieters will have the option of being warned that they are comfort eating before they go for the ice-cream. (Oh, yeah, just what I need.)

Not everyone is in favor of changing the rules of romance. Says Michelle Rousseau, 27, “I don’t know if I want a guy monitoring my emotions like I am hooked up to some machine. I think it is an invasion of privacy.”

But Nicole Graham laughs away the criticism. “We are not talking about a matter of national security here. This is a Love Detector. It is fun, its entertainment, but is also very accurate.”

I wish I’d had this thing when I met my ex.

~ Lori Cline