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In The News 4-19-2013

Why the IRS says your private electronic communications aren’t private.

Recently disclosed documents from the IRS indicate that the agency thinks Americans are entitled to “generally no privacy” when it comes to e-mail communications or “private” social media messaging in like Twitter direct messages and Facebook chats.  That means the IRS doesn’t feel it needs a warrant to go through your communications as part of an investigation. But there’s been a push to change the laws to protect privacy  that’s supported by both conservatives and liberals as well as businesses.

Legislation to require warrants for electronic communications is currently in the House and Senate and the Justice Department says it won’t oppose the change.

Google Glass Specs Revealed

Google has released more information about the much-buzzed about Google Glasses, a tiny computer you wear on your face.


The tech giant promises that the adjustable frame will fit any face. The tiny display that drops down in front of one eye will have a resolution similar to looking at a twenty-five inch HD TV from eight feet way. The built in camera will take photos at 5 mega-pixels and video at 720 p. Audio will be provided by a bone conduction transducer.

The glasses feature both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and a 12 GB on memory synched with the Google Cloud.   According to Google the battery should last for a full day of typical use, but if you take a lot video, you’ll use more battery power.

~ Cynthia