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In The News – 5-10-2013

XP users refuse to let go.

With the official retirement date Windows XP on April 8, 2014 inching closer and closer, the number of people using XP isn’t dropping. According to Net Application the number of XP users dropped by only half a percentage point in April. XP accounts for 41.7% of all Windows systems worldwide, barely down from 42.2% in March.

The adoption rate for the highly controversial Window 8 inched up only by half a percent in March to 4.2% of all Windows users.

Adobe Says Goodbye Software, Hello Cloud.

Adobe announced big changes to its Creative Suite software line that includes Photoshop and Illustrator. The company will no longer sell individual licenses to program. It will instead offer only subscription services to the its Creative Cloud.

  The company recently said it will stop selling physical discs of its Creative Suite programs. The creative cloud costs $50 a month for individuals and $70 a month for teams.

Senate Passes Internet Sales Tax Bill

The Senate voted 69 to 27 to pass a bill that allows states to collect taxes from purchases made over the Internet, from catalogs and via radio and television ads. The bill would require businesses with over $ 1 million in sales to collect sales tax from customers and then remit that money to the state in which the customer lives.

Smaller businesses complain that the administration costs of collecting taxes at different rates for each state would be crippling.

The bill is expected to face a fight in the House.

 ~ Cynthia