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In The News 6-14-2013

Macs – Made In The USA

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced a new Mac production facility is coming Texas. The company’s new Mac Pro line of desktops will be assembled at the facility.  It will be the first time Apple products have been made in the USA since the 1990s.

They Can Hear You Now

Verizon’s used the phrase “Can you hear me now?” to great success in commercials. But now a report in the Guardian that the government has a court order that compels Verizon Wireless to provide the National Security Agency with logs of every phone call Verizon customers make in the U.S. gives a whole new meaning to that slogan.

Under the condition of the alleged order , the company must hand over daily logs for all calls in which one or both parties are located in the United States. Verizon is forbidden from revealing the existence of the order.

Officials in the Obama administration wouldn’t directly confirm the report but said that such data collection practices are a critical tool to protect the nation from terrorist threats.

 Xbox One  – Trade-ins And Resales Allowed With A Catch

Microsoft released new details about the Xbox One. They say users will be able to give their disc-based games away to friends with no fee for the transfer. But only to people listed at Xbox Live friends for 30 days or more. Plus a game can only be gifted once.

Re-sale and trade-ins of some games will be permitted, but that will be up to the game publisher.  Microsoft says it still doesn’t know if game loans or rentals will be permitted.

~ Cynthia