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In the News – 6/14/11

My household is pretty “tech-oriented” when it comes to cell phones. I have a Samsung Captivate (Galaxy S -Android) and my daughter has a Blackberry Pearl (which she is trading in for an iPhone). There is one thing, though, that irritates me to no end when it comes to my cell phone: I can’t ever find it! It may be a mental block, it may be in my pocket; I don’t know what it may be, but I lose it a lot, and I miss a lot of texts and emails and calls. And the last time I checked, those things are really supposed to be the whole point of a phone (games aside).

Well, if you are tired of looking for your phone and trying to catch calls and texts, then soon you’ll be able to just go buy a watch. Seriously.

A cell-connected watch, that is. Cell-Connected watches are Bluetooth-enabled and grab all of your texts and alerts right to your wrist.

What you can get right now:
The inPulse watch will display texts and e-mail on its 1.3-inch screen, thus leaving your phone – um – wherever it is. (I do lose it in my purse, you know.) You can download apps that will allow you to check in on Facebook or load Twitter feeds.

What you can get soon:
Casio is going to use a new low-energy form of Bluetooth so that it can pull your caller-ID from your phone.

What you can look forward to in the (near?) future:
The watch could become its own Wi-Fi network so that you can share things with tablets, gadgets that are internet-ready and capable, and of course, nearby phones. These watches (HP’s idea and Fossil’s manufacturing) are poised to also have flash memory so that you can store things like maps and calendars.

This, of course, sounds awesome, but I realized (after the initial “Hey, cool!” reaction wore off) that I not only lose my phone, but I lose my keys, my purse, and whatever I came in the room for a lot of the time. I can just hear myself now.

“Where’s my watch?”

Have a great rest of the week!