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In The News for 4-12-2013

Zero TV Homes.

Broadcasters met in Las Vegas this week for the annual National Association of Broadcasters convention and one of their biggest concerns is the rise in “Zero TV” homes. The number of homes with no television has jumped from two million in 2007 to five million in 2012.  These households consumer their media content from their computer, smartphone or game console and just don’t bother with traditional broadcast television anymore.

Finding a way to lure back these viewers or provide broadcast television programming to their phones is of deep concern to broadcasters as traditional television viewership declines.


Micrsoft may announce new XBox on May 21.

Several published reports say Microsoft will announce the lasted incarnation of the Xbox gaming console on May 21. Rumor is that the new console will be an always-on model that requires you to be connected to the Internet to play.

Put down the Smartphone while driving.

A California court has ruled that looking at your smartphone while driving is the same as texting, talking or using the Internet. A driver made the case that laws against distracted driving didn’t apply to mapping programs, but a judge shot down that argument.  So if you want to use a mapping program while driving in California, it had better be voice-activated.

~ Cynthia