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Include This Too? Maybe Not!

Include This Too? Maybe Not!

So, have you taken some time to work with the tables found in MS Excel 2007 after last week’s tips?

If so, I’m sure you’ve noticed how they seem to have a whole set of behaviors you may not have expected.

After all, we see the table as a set of formatted cells, not as an object that will behave differently than the regular cells surrounding it. But that’s exactly what we have!

To make life easier when dealing with Excel 2007 tables, I’d like to show you another feature/behavior they exhibit: Table AutoExpansion.

When you choose to add a piece of information to a cell adjacent to the right side of the table or a cell directly below the table, you’ll find that Excel adds the column or row automatically to the table.

That behavior is called Table AutoExpansion and it’s part of Excel’s AutoCorrect, Format As You Type options.

If you like the simple way to expand your tables, the behavior is something you’ll want Excel to continue doing. But there still has to be a way to stop it from happening when necessary, isn’t there?

Why yes, I’m glad you asked!

When Excel automatically adds a row or column to your table, you’ll find that you also get an AutoCorrect Options button.

Clicking on that will allow you to undo the recent expansion or stop it altogether.

If you choose to stop it and later change your mind, you can turn the feature back on via the Office Button, Excel Options button, Proofing section, AutoCorrect Options button.

In the AutoCorrect dialogue window, under the Format As You Type tab, recheck the “Include new rows and columns in table” checkbox.

Click OK.

There you have it. A bit more control over the power of Excel 2007’s tables!

~ April