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Incredible Edible Egg

Incredible Edible Egg [1]

I’m not much of an egg fan, but I’m trying to find new ways to try eating them. I love hard boiled eggs, deviled eggs, and the occasional quiche, but there has to be a way for me to broaden my enjoyment of eggs. So I went hunting for recipes and found this site.

Not only will you find incredible recipes on this site, but you can also learn a lot about eggs and their nutritional value. The categories are:

Recipes & More – here you will find all sorts of amazing egg recipes! The recipes are divided into the following categories: Simply Eggs, Fast & Easy Breakfast, Breakfast, Brunch/Special Occasion, Baking & Other Sweets, Main Dishes, Appetizers & More, and Kid-Friendly. I think I’m sure to find some new ways to try eggs with all these options!

Health & Nutrition – here you can learn all about the nutritional value of the egg and its health benefits. You can even crack the cholesterol myth, and discover how eggs can be an important part of a pregnancy diet.

Egg Facts – This is where you can learn the history of the egg, egg production, and discover some interesting facts about eggs. You can check out the Trivia section or Eggs 101 for great information as well.

Kids & Family – Here you can find games, egg recipes for kids, eggs for pets, and even decorating tips for eggs!

I think this egg site is pretty incredible, so why don’t you check it out today?

http://www.incredibleegg.org/ [1]