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Drag, drop, and listen – that’s just how easy it is to create your own beatbox track at Incredibox. This site is all about sound, so I suggest that you use it at home. 

The first time, it may take several minutes for the site to load the application, but it is so worth it! When it has loaded, then it is time for you to sample every sound. Just drag one of the symbols over the beatbox dude and drop it. The dude will then play/make the noise attached to the symbol. Once you’ve listened to them all, you’ll have unlocked the bonus. After you’ve viewed the bonus video, the next task is to find the right combination to unlock the second bonus. 

Don’t want to mess around with the bonus content? I sure didn’t, I was ready to record my own track! You can start recording as soon as you’ve played a sound.  Just click the button with the circle on it above the application. It won’t start recording until you drop in your first sound – and then you can build the sounds right on top of each other. You can also click the beatbox dudes to mute them (the speaker) or give them a solo (the headphones) or get rid of them all together (the x). You have to have a minimum of ten loops, but after that you can stop recording at anytime – just click the record button or click remove on all the beatbox dudes.

When you’ve finished recording, you’ll be given the option of reviewing or sharing your work. I’d suggest reviewing it and making sure you like the way it sounds. If you decide to share, you’ll need to fill out the form that comes up after clicking share with your name, the name of your song, and who it is dedicated to. Then it will save your composition to the site, and offer you the ability to share it over Facebook, e-mail, or a link you can embed. 

Check out my composition here [1] and then go make an awesome beatbox compositions of your own! 

http://www.incredibox.com/en/#/application [2]