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Index Mundi

Index Mundi [1]

Welcome to Index Mundi, a website that is devoted to being the most up to date on world statistics, maps, and country profiles.

Navigation is fairly straight forward. Select from: Charts and Maps, Commodities Data, Country Facts, What’s New?, Trade Statistics and Gazetteer. You can also choose what language you browse the site in. Your options are English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and Dutch.

Charts and Maps – you know that I love maps, and that was how I found this site. I was looking for some maps of France. What I found was an amazing interactive world map that allowed me to pick France and then see what the population was for each part of the country. I thought that was pretty cool.

For anyone interested in economics, this site is a wealth of information. Looking at the Commodities Data section made my head spin – all the information that they had! And they have a neat application on the right side of the page that lets you help them keep track of commodity data.

I found Country Facts to be an interesting section too! So be sure to check that out while you’re there too!

http://www.indexmundi.com/ [1]