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Indexed [1]

This is a fun a site where the author makes commentary via graphs and diagrams that all fit on an index card – thus Indexed.

It is really easy to navigate because it is setup blog style, so all you have to do is scroll down the page, and then click Older Posts or New Posts at the bottom to continue navigating.

You can also navigate by clicking one of the months listed under Archives. For example you could start with August 2006 and browse through until 2011.

To learn more about the Author and how the site got started, just click on Here’s the Deal and you’ll be whisked off to the website’s About page.

If you have Facebook or Twitter, you can follow Indexed and stay up to date on what is happening around the website.

I think this is a very fun application, using graphs and diagrams without actually having to do any math! You should check them out today and get a chuckle!

http://thisisindexed.com/ [1]