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Aptly named, this pin-board style site encourages you to dream up your perfect world, along with all the indulgences you’d have in it, and then pin your desires into collections. Reminiscent of Pinterest and Gawker, this is a site where you can store your favorite things and dream big about items you wish you had. 

I’d start by browsing the site to determine if its vibe suits you. Instead of “hearting” items or adding to your favorites, you “collect” them. But don’t be fooled by the theme of indulgence. You can find lots of DIY and crafting tutorials here, as well as luxury items. 

Decided you want to start your own collection? Well, then you need to register for an account. To do so, look for the black bar at the bottom of the page that houses the Sign Up button. Click the button and fill in the form with a working e-mail address. Next, create a password and choose a username, and then click the Register button. Or, you can connect with Facebook, which is what I did. 

Then, when you see something you like, just click collect. This brings up the interface for collecting. Next, you just fill in a description and add it to a collection. If you haven’t created a collection yet for the type of item, just type in a name and it will create a collection for it.

Want to add your own items from around the web? Go to the top right corner of the page where your username is and mouse over it. Once the drop-down list appears, click Add. Paste in the link to the image of the item you want to use (right-click the image and choose copy URL). To find these later, click your username and you’ll be whisked away to your profile. There, you can edit the things you’ve collected. 

I don’t use browser plug-ins, but lots of people do, so I would feel remiss if I didn’t mention that you can mouse over your username and select Tools from the drop-down list to find plug-ins for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. 

So what will you collect? I’m collecting yarn and DIY beauty products at the moment. 

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