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Information is Beautiful

I seriously love the advent of infographics. They’re such a streamlined, yet attractive way to share information. Today’s site is full of them! David McCandless brings you beautiful graphics that impart data!

When you arrive there will be a menu of categories on the left, a menu at the top, and featured content in the center. I started by clicking on the featured infographics that caught my attention before  navigating by category. 

The categories are: most popular, big numbers, climate, film, food, health, interactive, music, nature, people, power, pop, science, thought, web, and see all. 

What I love is that the thumbnails that you pick don’t have the information on them, just the awesome graphic, and then when you click into them you discover what they are an infographic about. I mean sure you know a bit by the category you are looking at, but I like the surprise element of it. 

Go take a look for yourself today! 

http://www.informationisbeautiful.net/ [1]