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Ink Warning!

Ink Warning!

If you own an HP DeskJet 3900 printer or if you’re considering buying an HP 3900 printer, I would like to share a problem with you that I experienced with remanufactured ink for these particular printers. (If you are not familiar with remanufactured ink cartridges, they are cartridges from which the ink has already been used up and then the manufacturers go in and refill the ink again, in the same cartridge. You can look at it as an old cartridge with new ink in it).

Here it goes. My printer was printing fine until I put a remanufactured ink cartridge in it! The HP DeskJet 3900 printer is not compatible with remanufactured ink cartridges. There are ink companies that are selling remanufactured ink for these printers, but the cartridges are knocking the printers out of bound. This ink is supposed to be tested and safe to use in your printer, but that’s certainly not the case in this situation.

Now, my printer will not print any of my documents. The documents will come out either blank or everything will be scattered all over the place. It causes the paper to jam and rip as well. It also resets your printer. This picture below shows what it continues to reset my printer to and it’s still doing it! It resets it to an AGFA – Acco/Setcc v52.3 setting, which is just wrong.

Here is a picture of what I have to reset my printer to every time I need to print. I have to manually set my printer back to an HP DeskJet 3900 Series every time! If I forget to do that, it will not print correctly and I then have to turn the printer completely off and try it all over again.

Now, this is only one type of remanufactured ink cartridge that’s out there. The cartridge will usually have the company’s initials on it as well.

This is what I usually get (the OEM Hewlett Packard (HP 22) Tri-Color Ink Cartridge), which comes directly from the HP company itself. This ink works fine in my printer.

Even though the remanufactured ink is a little cheaper than the brand name ink, it’s not compatible with the HP DeskJet 3900 printer. So, remember, don’t get the one on the left, but get the one on the right.

I’m not sure how other remanufactured inks are working with other printers, but I know this type of remanufactured ink isn’t working with the HP DeskJet 3900 Series printers. I know not all of you use this type of printer, but I wanted to give a word of warning for those of you who do.

All in all, just make sure you pick the best ink for the HP DeskJet 3900 printer, which I have found to be the OEM Hewlett Packard (HP 22) Tri-Color version. I know sometimes we try to save money, but in reality, the cheaper item is not always the best item. Therefore, just get the best ink for your printer and you will save yourself from a lot of headaches!

~ Tweety Dimes