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Insane 3D Paintings on the Street by Edgar Muller

Get ready to check out the amazing street art of Edgar Muller! Whether it’s Ice Age in Ireland, Lava Burst in Germany, or Flash Flood in Canada you are sure to be blown away by this 3D art. 

To navigate the page all you need to do is scroll down the page and be wowed by the images and videos of these 3D street paintings. 

If you decided that you haven’t seen enough, I sure hadn’t, you can head on over to Edgar Muller’s page [1] and discover more of his projects. You’ll want to click on the Projects button at the bottom of the page to see his full gallery of works divided by category. 

This art is amazing, go check it out today! 

http://abduzeedo.com/insane-3d-paintings-street-edgar-muller [2]