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Inserting Pre-Designed Text Boxes in Word

MS Word: Insert Text Boxes That Come With Their Own Pizzazz

I often find myself using text boxes in Word for a variety of reasons… often it’s something that needs to stand out from all the rest of the text, or needs to be very mobile… and let’s face it, moving plain text around is just a pain.

To alleviate some of the frustration, I often use text boxes for information that needs to stand out or be movable.

When you insert a text box from the Insert tab, Shapes button, you get just that… a plain text box.

If you’re looking for something with a bit more pizzazz, then you’ve got to start formatting and see what you can do about the situation.

But what if you don’t have the time, or if you feel that you aren’t necessarily the most creative person when it comes to this stuff?

Is there any help for you?

Of course there is… Next time instead of using the Shapes button to insert a text box, try the Text Box button located further to the right on the Insert tab.


This button opens up a palette of pre-designed text boxes that may be just what you’re looking to use.

The bonus to this is that, since the designs contain shapes instead of pictures, you can still use the Text Box Tools Format tab that opens to customize it further… change colors, shape, 3-D settings, shadowing, etc.

The different between starting with one of these choices as opposed to a plain text box is clear – a basic style is there and you don’t have to be super creative to come up with it on your own. You can use it as is, or alter it with the available settings.

Either way you avoid the “blank page” problem that a plain text box may inspire… you sit and stare at it and wonder what to do to dress it up, where to start and what type of appearance you’re hoping to achieve.

This option allows for customization, but it gives you a starting point, and still allows you to produce whatever look you need.

~ April