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Inserting a Hyperlink in OpenOffice

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There are a couple easy ways to insert a hyperlink in an OpenOffice document. For both, start by highlighting the word or image to which you’d like to attach the hyperlink. Next, click on the Insert menu, and select Hyperlink.


The hyperlink dialog box opens and offers several choices; Internet, Mail &News, Document, and New Document. For this demonstration, we’ll link a word to a website. I’ve highlighted the word Worldstart, opened the Hyperlink dialog box, and placed the website address in the Target field near the top.


To ensure that the right address is placed, I copied it from the browser address bar, and pasted it in the field. The highlighted word from the document appears in the Text field near the bottom, but this can be changed. If you do, the word in the document will change as well. When you’re satisfied, click Apply. It’s always a good to test your link, by clicking on it. But if you just want to do a quick check, hover your mouse over the linked word, and the link will appear.


You can also find a hyperlink button on the standard toolbar (the little globe and chain links). Clicking on that will also open the hyperlink dialog box.


And there you have it.


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