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Inserting a Table in OpenOffice Writer Using Keystrokes

Most of us start a table in Writer with either the Insert Table button


… or the Table menu, Insert choice.

Both work well but, for some people, if there’s a way around the mouse they’re going to use it every time.

With that in mind, I present to you – my happy keyboard enthusiasts – this information for starting a table in Writer.

All you need to know is the plus and minus of the thing and you’re all set.

Plus and minus?

Yep, that’s what I meant… literally.

To start a table without the toolbars or menus, simply use a plus sign (+) to mark column edges and minus signs (-) to set the column widths between the plus signs.

For example, this sequence of key strokes


will produce this table row when you hit the Enter key:


As you can see, 3 columns were created with the 3 different column widths shown by the minus signs.

If you need more rows, you can quickly tab through the cells, when you get to the one in the bottom right corner of the table and hit the Tab key again, a new row will be created.

OK – so I admit that for a lot of table work, the mouse is unavoidable but for a quick organization of information this method definitely has its pluses and minuses.

~ April