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Inserting an Entire File in OpenOffice Writer

How many times have you found yourself copying/pasting most of one document into another?

I can’t speak for anyone but myself when I say that I feel like I’ve done that exact thing way too many times for my liking.

To help with that exact situation (and I’m sure a few others that you’ve come across) I present to you Writer’s ability to insert the contents of one entire text file into another.

Interested to see how?

Yeah – if for nothing else, it’s easier to insert it all and rearrange and/or delete parts within the same file as opposed to switching back and forth from one to the other to complete the copy/paste routine.

Once you realize that the feature is in Writer, it’s truly a very simple thing to accomplish.

-The first step is to place the cursor in document where you want the contents of the other file to be inserted.

-Next we’re off to the Insert menu.


-Here’s you’ll need to choose File from the very bottom of the menu.

-Writer will take you to an Insert dialog box where you can navigate to and select the file you need to insert and then click Open.

That’s it!

The entire contents of the other text file are now in the current document ready for whatever editing you deem necessary.

~ April