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Inserting MS Word Bookmarks

Inserting MS Word Bookmarks

Ok, so we’re all here to find out how to create and use MS Word’s Bookmark feature for quick navigation through our documents. With that in mind, let’s dive right in.

The first thing would be to decide where you need a bookmark. It could be a string of text, a picture or simply a blank space somewhere. (Whatever your bookmark location, make sure you have a reason for placing one there. After all, we’re trying to streamline document navigation, to make the bookmark list huge just for the fun of it can defeat the whole idea.)

Got your bookmark location picked?

Ok, now highlight the text, or select the picture, or put the cursor in the spot where the bookmark should be located.

Next you’ll need the Insert menu, Bookmark choice. (Ctrl + Shift + F5 will also open the Bookmark window.)

Your window should look something like this…


At the top of the window you’ll need to name your bookmark. The name should obviously mean something to you but you can have no spaces between the words.

Now click the Add button.

You’ll be returned to your document where you may notice some markings in your document indicating that there is a bookmark at that location.

I know, I know, I can hear you already—you don’t want those symbols on your hardcopies.

No problem—they won’t be there—so let’s keep moving.

Ok, so you’ve been busy adding bookmarks at all the key locations in your document. You’ve got three or four of them in there and you’re starting to wonder how it is that all these bookmarks are going to remove your navigation headaches.

Yet another good question, and the answer is simple.

We’re going to use the “Go To” feature.

You can access the Go To feature several different ways. You could try the Edit menu, Go To choice—or—Ctrl + G to bring up the “Find and Replace” window which will already be opened to the Go To tab.

Any way you choose to get there you should be looking at this window.


On the left, in the “Go to what” list, choose Bookmark.

Under “Enter bookmark name”, on the right side, you now have a drop down list of all the bookmarks you’ve created in the file.

Pull it down and select the one you need.

Click the Go To button.

Your document will be instantly moved to the location you chose—and you will notice that the window stays open—so if you pick the wrong one you can immediately choose another.

Once you’ve found the correct location click the Close button.

Not too bad—a couple of clicks and you can go to an exact location, even in the largest of documents, instantly!

I like it!

Before we sign off for the day I’ve got a couple of extra items regarding your bookmarks.

First, you have a choice as to how they are listed in the Bookmark window. You can choose between name order (alphabetical) or location order.

To do this you need to return to the Bookmark window. (Remember: the Insert menu, Bookmark choice or maybe you liked Ctrl + Shift + F5.)

This time you’re looking for the “Sort by” choices located just below the list of bookmark names.


When you make your decision you’ll see the list rearrange itself as needed.

Another item is the Go To button in the Bookmark window—you can also use this window for document navigation if you don’t like the usual Go To window. (It works the same way as the Go To, but deals specifically with the bookmarks. There’s no list of different types of items to move between—it’s strictly bookmarks here.)

And, finally, I’m sure you’ve wondered about deleting bookmarks you no longer need.

No problem.

Return to the Bookmark window, select the bookmark to be deleted from the list and then click the Delete button.

And there you have it—just one more way to make your monster Word documents more manageable.

Your turn to dive in and give it a try!

~ April