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Inserting Text Above or Below a Table in OpenOffice Writer

OpenOffice.org Writer: Inserting Text Before or After a Table

It happens to anyone who uses tables in a word processing program like OpenOffice.org Writer – we insert a table at the very top of the document and find ourselves unable to add text above it because we didn’t leave a blank line there.

You need the line above the table and can’t seem to get one… the question is how because removing the table and starting over just isn’t an option!

To get that elusive line above a table all you need to use is a strategically placed cursor and the Enter key.

Yep… you read it correctly… the whole trick is where you place your cursor when you try to insert the line.

Click into the upper-most left hand corner cell and place your cursor before the cell’s contents.

Then click the Enter key.

Need a line below the table and can’t seem to get past the last row? That pesky Enter key just seems to add to the height of the last row but won’t seem to let us out of the table… so now what?

Once again, the trick is cursor placement, before you try to get out of the table.

Place your cursor in the last cell of the table’s last row, at the end of the cell’s contents.

Click Alt + Enter.

Poof! You’re out of the table on a blank line.

Blank lines before or after a table – no problem, now we’ve got that one covered.

~ April