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Inspiration photography

Forget the really famous photographers who have made their mark on the world map – there are many among us who stand out from the crowd. Today, we give you the everyday photographers who are truly good at what they do. Most of all, seeing their pictures and connecting with them on their websites, blogs and Flickr accounts can inspire you like never before.

AnnaGayPhotography.com [1]

anna gay [2]

If you are looking at making the best portrait photographs of yourself, Anna Gay’s website and eBook can give you that. Some of her photography is straight from the book while many others are creative at best. Looking at her photography can take your breath away.

ManjariSharma.com [3]


This Indian operating out of New York documents culture images in a fresh, colorful medley of light and shadow. Check out her shower series for the balance between light color. The water gives the images a certain tranquility. Also check out her portraits.

ChrisOrwig.com [5]


Watch out for his group and couple portraits and you will come away inspired; not to mention, his baby photos. Also, learn how to light up, compose and flash your subjects with finesse. But the best part? His training DVDs on photoshop on lynda.com. If that isn’t enough, you can check out his Flickr pictures. http://www.flickr.com/photos/chrisorwig [7]

MichelleMooreblog.com [8]


Michelle Moore loves the sun, freckles, California, running and yoga. And that’s exactly what you will find in some of her photographs. But most of all, it’s her striking portrait photography that steals the show. Get inspired by this portrait photographer from Seattle, WA.

Jasmine-Star.com [10]


You will love her wedding photography. That’s her speciality. Take note of the different poses, the lighting techniques and the immaculate composition.

flickr.com/photos/trimmoos [12]


Tony Immoos’s landscape photography will inspire you like no other. His landscapes have depth and look artistic at the same time.

mountainlight.com/gallery.html [14]


If you want to be inspired by the landscape works of someone who is no more, it has to be wilderness shutterbug Galen Rowell. He taught his students to constantly question what it was about a scene or image that affected them emotionally, and then concentrate on bringing that feature or vision to prominence in the image. Look at his work, and you will know why his pictures stick.

And more

Of course, this is no definitive list and there are endless number of photographers whose work can inspire you. The trick is to follow their work and get inspired all the time.

Best of luck.

~Zahid H Javali