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Instagram Comes To Life With Polaroid Socialmatic Camera

There’s truth to the saying that everything old is new again. Popular photo-sharing site Instagram has inspired a real-life Polaroid camera that will look like the Instagram logo.  Instagram was, of course, inspired by the idea of making digital pictures look like old-school Polaroid prints.


Socialmatic promises that the camera will create a “small revolution” in digital photography by mixing hardware and software with a new social network. They also say that it will “fill the gap between virtuality and reality.”

What it actually seems to be is a digital camera that also has the ability to print like an old-fashioned instant camera as well as post your photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or send by e-mail or message. The photos will have a pull-off glue strip that will allow you to attach prints to surfaces. The prints will also have space for writing a comment. That will give the company the opportunity to sell you the special ink and paper required to print the photos.

The plan is also to manufacture camera bags, lenses, filters and other camera accessories. They expect to have the camera available to consumers at the beginning of 2014.