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Instagram Part 4: Tips & Tricks For Using

In part 1 [1], part 2 [2]and part 3 [3] of this series, I showed you how to set up an Instagram account, take photos, edit photos and share photos. In this fourth and final part, we’ll look at some tips and tricks to improve your user experience. If you aren’t familiar with Instagram, check out the previous articles first.


Like any other social media account, privacy settings are important because they determine who can see your photographs. The default settings will allow anyone browsing Instagram to see your photos and you may be fine with that because you might not post anything personal in nature. Also, by default anyone can start following you on Instagram.  You can adjust the settings so that only people you approve can follow you on Instagram and only your approved followers can see your posts. Click the icon that looks like a little person on your homescreen.

Choose Edit Your Profile

This is where you can choose to have your real name displayed on your account as well as your user name or add biographical or website information you wish to share.

Scroll down to Posts are Private. Move the slider to the right until it turns blue to make your posts visible only to your approved followers. Changing this won’t effect your existing followers.

Social Media

You can choose to link your Instagram account with your social media accounts. This will allow you to push your photos to Facebook, Twitter or other accounts when you publish them to your feed. To link your accounts go to your profile and tap the icon with three little dots in the upper right to open the settings menu.

Select linked accounts

Then choose the social media accounts you wish to link.

When you post a photo, just tap those accounts to select them when you share the image.When you post to Instagram the image will show up in your Facebook feed or Twitter account.

Like and Comment

Instagram is a social app and one of the social aspects is liking and commenting on photos. To show your appreciation of a friend’s image tap the heart underneath the image in the feed.  You can also like the image by double-tapping it.

To comment, tap the little icon that looks like a word bubble.

Than type your comment.


Hashtage are used on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to note a particular topic. For example #kittens might go in the description for a photo of a kitten. When you search that hashtag, you’ll see other photographs of kittens that have been tagged with the same subject.

Photo Groups

A fun activity for people who enjoy taking and sharing photos is to join an Instagram photography group. Groups often have challenges to take a photo of a particular object or place. In my town the Igers Toledo group scheduled a day to take photos of local attractions and meet up with fellow amateur photographers. Instagram has a directory of Meetup groups [4] here or you can start a group of your own.

~ Cynthia