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Installing a New Font

When you buy some new fonts or download them off the internet you may need to manually install them. Sounds difficult, but it really isn’t.

If you downloaded the font it may be in your downloads folder in a zipped format, so first you need to unzip the folder. If they are on a disk, then just have the disk in your drive.

Now, open the Fonts folder. You can go to Start / Run (in Windows Vista use the Search Bar) and type in “fonts” (without the quotes) or go the longer way through the Control Panel.

On the File menu select “Install New Font”, or in Vista RightClick in a blank area in the font folder and select “Install New Font”.


Here’s what it looks like in Vista:


Choose the drive and folder where the new fonts are located.


Click the fonts you want to add while holding down the Ctrl key, or “Select All” then click OK. The fonts will then be added to your folder.

Now when you use your word processing program, the new fonts should appear.

~ David