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Installing Audacity and Creating a Ringtone

This article is going to show you how to get the best part of your favorite song as your personal ringtone! (Unfortunately, it can’t help you with your mid-eighties electro pop taste in music!)

That being said, it will hold your hand every step of the way, from downloading and installing a little program to help you do it, through to slapping it onto your phone and hearing the results of your labor when that first call comes through.

Below is a little list of what you will accomplish:

1. Download and install Audacity (that little program)
2. Load your chosen song into Audacity
3. Choose a section of the song
4. Snip it to your chosen length and position
5. Save it to your PC
6. Chuck it on your phone
7. Set it as your ringtone
8. Job done! Eat a biscuit as a reward and wait for a call.

Let’s get started!

The first thing you need to do is download Audacity, which can be found here [1]:

Audacity is completely free and safe so, in any security boxes that pop up, just click Run or Allow.

During a fairly standard installation, about the only option to watch for is the choice to create a desktop icon.

Unless you choose to wait, Audacity will launch automatically at the end of the setup.

Audacity is now installed on your machine! Throw some confetti and shout out of the nearest window, you are now a bona fide computer genius.

If you agreed to add the desktop icon, Audacity can be found on your desktop at any time. Just double click its icon and it shall appear.

This is what it looks like when it’s opened. Looks worth the effort doesn’t it? Well, believe me; it’s going to let you perform some pretty nifty tricks.

The next step is to load your chosen song into Audacity.

Simply click File at the top left side of Audacity, and choose Open and locate your song choice.

I’m going to use Muse’s Knights of the Cyndonia because it has a fairly boring first half with a nice energetic ending which we can cut out and use for a ringtone.

All you need to do is highlight a section of the track that you’d like as your ringtone. Right click anywhere on either the top or bottom blue areas and, while holding the right mouse button down, drag the grey area across the track.

Once you have a section highlighted, click Play to make sure it’s exactly where you want it. You can click the zoom button highlighted below to get more precise start and end points. Press the Play button to check you’ve made a good choice.

With this section still highlighted in grey go to File and choose Export Selection, click to save it to Desktop with the name Ringtone.

We’ve already bashed through at least three steps right there, now for placing it onto your mobile device. Which is just as painless, I swear!

I’m using an HTC Desire [2], but if you are not, then you may need to check your manual or other tips at World Start for how to get your ringtone working on your device. You can still use the following as a generic guide though!

Simply, plug your HTC or similar device in, and click mount as disk drive on the device.

Go to Start on your desktop toolbar, click My Computer and wait for your device to pop up.

When it does show itself, open it up and copy and paste the newly made Ringtone from your desktop to your device. Create a new folder called Ringtone in the MP3 folder and dump it there.

Close the windows and un-mount your phone from your PC, find your ringtone in the Music section on your phone and designate as a ringtone!

Phew! You’ve done it, eat a biscuit (as promised) and take yourself down to the pub (optional) and show all that you are the master of your personal tech!

~Matt McGuire