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Installing Updates In Windows 7

Thom writes:

Thank you for your security alert about the Internet Explorer update.  It would be helpful if you told us how to  install the latest security updates from Microsoft.  Please give us the URL.  I tried going to Microsoft.com and couldn’t find anything relative to latest security updates.
Many thanks
Thom, you don’t need need URL to update Windows. You can take care of that through the Windows update center on your computer. Go to your search box and type Windows updates.  On Windows 7, you’ll want to click the icon that ready Windows updates in the results.
You’ll be taken to the Windows Update center on your computer.  You’ll be able to see if there are any updates available for your computer. If there are, you can click to install.
Select View update history to view recently installed updates.
If you’re wondering if you have a particular update, this is where you’ll be able to tell when it was installed.
One way to make sure you get all of your important updates is to turn on automatic updates. Choose Change settings.
From the drop-down menu under Important updates, choose the option to install updates automatically.
You also have the option of choosing the day and time that updates will be installed automatically.
Click OK and you are good to go.
~ Cynthia