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International Bird Rescue

Welcome to International Bird Rescue – a site for an organization that is devoted to saving birds from all over the world. I actually found this bird site while looking for information on what to do with a bird my friend found. They have a section just for the purpose of helping people keep birds that they’ve rescued safe until you can get them the care they need. Just click Found a Bird? and you’ll find temporary care instructions and tips on how to safely transport it for further care.

On the main page you’ll find a rotating featured section where you’ll find articles on Celebrating 40 Years, Remembering the Gulf Oil Spill Response, Engaging the Next Generation of Wildlife Heroes, and Caring for Birds 365 Days a Year.

At the top of the page on the navigation strip you’ll find About, Our Work, Blog, and Get Involved. I found their blog interesting and informative; you’ll find stories, updates, pictures, and videos featured in it.

But my highest recommendation is that you visit the Success Stories section. You’ll find the link to at the top of the page. I think that it is incredibly important to celebrate the positive. If you can’t see that an organization is successful at whatever they are trying to achieve how can you support it? Here you will find some of the most amazing bird rescue successes the organization has achieved in their 40 years of rescuing birds.